Our Team


Ted Spencer, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Ted Spencer has experience with research and teaching in Communication Studies, nonprofit management, project management and website development that all combine to provide unique insight into the needs for contemporary voter education and methods for achieving life-long learning. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Texas.


Gary L. Kreps, Ph.D.

Board Chair

Gary Kreps is an expert in community-based intervention and evaluation research.  He is a University Distinguished Professor of communication at George Mason University, where he Directs the Center for Health and Risk Communication.  His widely cited research is published in more than 400 books, articles, and chapters. He is an advisor to many federal agencies, foundations, and corporations.


Chuck Hodge

Director and Media Advisor

Chuck Hodge is an expert in the use of video to educate, entertain, and communicate to a wide range of audiences. He has taught television production at Indiana University, and is now the owner of Final Cut Video Productions.


Diana Carlin, Ph.D.

Voter Education Advisor

Diana Carlin significantly contributed to the U.S. electoral system through her research on political debates which reshaped the structure of the U.S. debates; she developed a national research project on presidential debates, DebateWatch, in 1996, and has served on the (U.S.) Commission on Presidential Debates’ voter education programs in every election cycle since. Dr. Carlin has visited new democracies in Central and South America, Africa, South Korea, and Eastern Europe to help them develop political debate traditions. Dr. Carlin also has served on the board of directors for Kids Voting USA, a program to help families become more experienced at voting by bring children with them to the polls to participate in their own voting opportunities.

Stan Ascher photo

Stan Ascher

Director and IT Advisor

Stan has worked as an instructional designer and website developer since 2009, mentoring new developers and organizing community learning events. He contributes presentations regularly to the Drupal community as well as doing pro bono work for nonprofit organizations.