The Voters Pledge

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I pledge to learn about democracy and issues important to voting, to uphold fairness and honesty in elections, and to expect the same from candidates.

  1. I will be a rational voter.
    • I will dismiss claims that lack believable evidence.
    • I will evaluate studies against the credibility of the source.
    • I will evaluate opinions according to the experience and credibility of the speaker.
    • I will not blindly follow a party; I may affiliate after considering their goals, positions, and actions..
  2. I will reject hypocrisy.
    • I will hold all candidates to equal standards.
    • I will not change my standards without a meaningful explanation.
  3. I will evaluate character fairly.
    • I will consider the severity and frequency of a candidate’s shortcomings.
    • I will consider the impact and frequency of a candidate’s accomplishments.
    • I will not let minor faults outweigh major shortcomings or accomplishments.
  4. I will evaluate conflicts of interest.
    • I will evaluate whether candidates and their families stand to profit from their office.
    • I will evaluate candidate affiliations that might interfere with their public service.
  5. I will evaluate policy positions and priorities.
    • I will weigh candidate positions as they affect their constituents.
    • I will not base my vote on a single issue when many issues matter.
    • I will carefully weigh the priorities for an office according to the needs of the current time;
    • I will not shift priorities without a meaningful explanation of the change.
  6. I will consider diverse viewpoints.
    • I will listen to arguments and perspectives that are contrary to my own.
    • I will watch debates that see candidates advocate their positions and qualifications, criticize opponents’ positions and qualifications, and refute opponents’ criticisms.
    • I will not be distracted by interruptions, name-calling, and disrespect by debaters.