Voters Pledge offers internships to provide supervised learning experiences in content management and civic education through practical experience in voter education programming.

How is an internship with Voters Pledge structured?

3 months or 100 hours working on assignments in one of the following areas of expertise:

  • Website Development
  • Civic Education
  • Organization Management

Each unit consists of 10 assignments that can be completed with approximately 10 hours of research and work activity. Assignments are designed to teach skills and practices that nonprofit educational organizations rely upon to achieve their missions. An intern’s successful, high quality work may be adopted by Voters Pledge into its website design, content, and program activities.

After the successful completion of an internship, Voters Pledge will provide appropriate references and recommendations through LinkedIn or in response to specific requests with sufficient notice.

What internship specialties does Voters Pledge offer?

Voters Pledge offers internships for developers, technical/instructional writers, business analysts, and event management.

Content Management System (CMS) Management

Intern will build and develop a Drupal website that incorporates features useful for running a civic or educational organization. Two tracks of website building are available:


  • Assembling a development desktop
  • Installing a website with composer
  • Understanding requirements and preparing designs
  • Theming to meet UX requirements
  • Prototyping mockups with site builder
  • Managing structured content
  • Managing media libraries and interfaces
  • Managing site security

Site Builders

  • Analyzing user stories and developing mockups to match
  • Managing taxonomies and content types
  • Designing mockups
  • Developing and testing suitable uses for H5P interactive content
  • Analyzing UX needs
  • Analyzing media needs
  • Analyzing accessibility and private information

Civic Organization Management

Civic Educator

  • Assessing educational needs by audience analysis
  • Curriculum design to meet educational needs
  • Curriculum design based on scholarly research
  • Analyzing web-based educational approaches, including H5P Interactive Content
  • Content analysis for political slant, educational level, audience interest
  • Content management through expert and peer review
  • Audience presentation and training

Community Organizing

  • Assessing audience interests for voter education across a variety of communities
  • Developing events and activities to meet audience needs
  • Identifying and recruiting interested partners
  • Developing project plans to manage events
  • Assessing event successes, failures, accomplishments

Civic Development/Fund Raising

  • Analyzing organizational needs
  • Researching grant opportunities
  • Researching commercial partnerships and sponsorship
  • Researching individual donor opportunities

Are internships at Voters Pledge paid?

Interns at Voters Pledge are not paid. The internship is a 3-month program that primarily benefits the intern with educational and work experience in voter education. Interns are not doing the work of paid employees, and they do not go to work for Voters Pledge at the conclusion of the internship. Interns are volunteering their time for a public charity without expectation of compensation other than the work experience and mentoring promised by the program.

See the Fair Labor Standards Act for information about internships.