How to Spot Manipulated Video

The Washington Post Fact Checker published this useful guide to understanding how video can be manipulated to shape the viewer's opinion of it.

Video is a record of events, just like pictures, articles, and transcripts. If you weren't there, you might be interested in seeing portions of what you missed in order to form an opinion about it.

Which do you trust more to be a fair record of a brief newsworthy event?

  • A 15-second video of the key moment
  • A journalist's description of the event
  • A participant's description of the event
  • Photographs of the event with transcripts of all speech and dialog

Any record can be manipulated to distort it. The Fact Checker explains how video editing can leave out important context, deceptively edit the video, or engage in malicious distortion to fabricate a record that never happened.

Fortunately there are many sources of fair reporting that will help you spot manipulated video and show you an authentic, unmanipulated record.

How to Spot Manipulated Video title screen (Washington Post)