About Us

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Voters Pledge, Inc. has organized as a not-for-profit corporation in the District of Columbia to promote democracy through Voter Education. It is recognized as a tax exempt public charity under US Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

Voting is a behavior that depends on a voter's personal attitudes; some voters are highly motivated to research candidates and issues, and then to vote in every election. Other voters are less motivated, perhaps because of a lack of confidence in making an informed choice or having an impact on the outcome.

When people make a public commitment, it increases their motivation to follow through on their commitment.

Joining the Voters Pledge requests voters to make a public commitment:

  • To vote, and
  • To become a smarter voter.

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The Voters Challenge includes an interactive website with educational lessons, mastery levels, and organized quiz events that help people learn in group settings.

The highlight of this program is an annual Voters Challenge educational quiz event hosted on various college campuses.

Service Marks

Voters PledgeSM and Voters ChallengeSM are service marks of Voters Pledge, Inc.