Are you ready to vote?

How confident do you feel that you are well prepared to cast votes?

  • Do you understand the policy issues on the candidates’ platforms?
  • Can you tell when a candidate is being truthful and when a candidate is misleading, exaggerating, deflecting, or lying?
  • Do you trust only one party to decide your vote for you, or do you evaluate each candidate individually?
  • Do you consider some issues more important than others?

If these questions are important to you, you might like to join Voters Pledge and take the Voters Challenge.

Only 24% of US 12th Graders are Proficient in Civics

The last "Nation's Report Card" to test 12th graders in Civics found only 24% reaching Proficient, the level that "represents solid academic performance to which all students at each grade assessed should aspire," according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).
--40% scored at the Basic level ("partial mastery of the knowledge and skills fundamental for proficient work at each grade").
--36% failed to reach the Basic level.

What is the "Most Important Problem"?

"What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?"

That is how Gallup asks voters to identify the problems they care most about. As an "open-ended" question, the pollster does not provide a list of answers to choose from.

Click through to the full article to see how problems change in importance across a 7-month period.

(Spolier: No single answer was given by more than 22% of the sample.)